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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I start to see results?

Many times we say that: Digital Marketing done well is not about magical solutions and overnight. They are strategies and techniques that are practiced whose results can be seen in the medium and long term.

How much do I have to invest for me to do well?

All businesses are different and with totally unique needs. When we talk about guidelines, copies and strategies usually vary depending on the magnitude of your business. Evaluate your resources and test what works, what strategies are suitable for your needs and if you are focusing on the right activities in this way, you will know how much and in what to invest.

Is it better to invest in Google or in social networks?

The ideal strategy is comprehensive. That is, it covers all the flanks. Our recommendation is that you invest in both: Google and social networks and measure what works and where we see the most conversions, calls and sales. Once that is established it will be easier to know what is best for your business.

Do I have to have a website?

The short answer is yes! Having a website, even if it is simple, will be the best way to manage your content and measure the effectiveness of your strategies. A website transmits seriousness and security to your customers and also allows you to share more content in an interactive and organized way.

What do I do with all the data I collect from my strategy?

Once you have the data, our Digital Marketing team helps you make the best decision for your brand: invest more or less, publish more or less frequently, offer discounts via email, change the design of your website.

How often is it recommended to publish and at what times?

This factor will also depend on the type of business, but there is a great truth: without consistency there is no growth. At this point it is very important that your profiles are always active, with daily publications and interactions with users.

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