Search Engine

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (Optimization in Search Engines) is a set of techniques and tools used to optimize both web pages and landing pages.

A good implementation of SEO results in improving the google ranking of a website and a better positioning of our brand in search engines with respect to the competition.

The secret to the success of your online business lies in how well structured and strategic your SEO is, because only good practices can get us the necessary traffic to grow on the Internet.

What we do as part of an SEO project

 First things first: We will need a list of products and services to know what we have to sell and what we are dealing with. Once we have them, we will need to know what objectives the client has with that SEO project. It may be that the customer wants them to call you, to look for your products or services that you offer, or to send you contact forms (lead generation), to buy in your online store, to solve customer service problems.

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