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Why are social networks important for your business?

Now for 2022, the most important thing is to focus on the consumer and focus on knowing and satisfying all their needs. Today’s user is demanding and has a lot of information, so they also have more bargaining power. All these variants make it vital and essential for social networks to advertise on social networks, in order to exchange information with future potential customers.

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    When we work alone, we manage one or two pages of our own on Facebook and we do a few ad campaigns per month, managing it from our profile and personal ad manager account is quite simple. The matter is complicated when we manage several assets (pages, ad accounts, pixels, applications, etc.) and our work involves more people.

    Vital Social Media Feedback

    80% of Internet queries are made by mobile, which means that from the same, customer service queries are encouraged, thus increasing doubts or questions on social networks, web forms and in a third case, by mail electronic. On the other hand, telephone calls or claims handled at the premises themselves continue to decline progressively. Users like to review, share, discuss and showcase their products and purchases. If they don’t talk about you in cyberspace, you just don’t exist.

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